Wenhaston Archive Project

Brian and Jane Nolloth talks to Shane Smeaton-Small for the Wenhaston Archive.

Brian and Jane Nolloth
Name of Interviewee(s) Brian and Jane Nolloth
Interviewed By: Shane Smeaton-Small
Date of Recording 22nd September 2008
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Recording length 12 mins 57 secs
Description of Recording Brian and Jane Nolloth talk to Shane Smeaton-Small about the Paint Shop and life in the village over the years.
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Harvest time
00 min 20 sec Entertainment in the Village
01 min 30 sec Shops in the Village in past years
02 min 56 sec Tale of poacher and policeman
03 min 24 sec Jane talks about arriving in Wenhaston after meeting Brian
04 min 07 sec Jane remembers meeting Brian’s parents for the first time
05 min 04 sec Setting up and running the Paint Shop
06 min 18 sec Brian expanded the business to garden supplies
07 min 57 sec Village life
08 min 44 sec Shops in the Village
09 min 09 sec Deliveries into the Village
09 min 28 sec Work and family life
10 min 50 sec Closure of Village shops
11 min 32 sec Annual Trade Show in Norwich
11 min 45 sec Entertainment: pantomime; Pier Show; pram races; carnival parade