Wenhaston Archive Project

Kathleen Swan talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

Kathleen Swan
Name of Interviewee(s) Kathleen Swan
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 20th November 2008
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Recording length 24 mins 57 secs
Description of Recording Arthur Musk talks to Kathleen Swan who has spent her entire life in and around the village inlcuding many years as a school teacher at Wenhaston School.
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Born in Hong Kong and returned to family in Wenhaston
02 min 10 sec Wenhaston school age 5 years, the teachers and winning a prize
03 min 57 sec Left school for Pupil Teacher Centre in Halesworth and Teacher training in Norwich
04 min 22 sec First teaching job in Ipswich
06 min 51 sec Met husband Douglas before returning to teach at Wenhaston School
10 min 24 sec Village life and changes seen
11 min 50 sec Mother and grandfather’s background in Black Heath Wenhaston
12 min 42 sec Remembering the shops and buying gob-stoppers from Myrtles
16 min 43 sec Brothers Phillip and Goss; Goss and Uncle Jack when Prisoners of War
17 min 32 sec Trips to Southwold on the railway (the “Crab & Winkle”)
18 min 16 sec Shopping outside Wenhaston and going to the cinema
19 min 05 sec First motor bikes and cars in the Village
20 min 04 sec War memories in Ipswich and evacuees in Ipswich, Northampton and Wenhaston