Wenhaston Archive Project

Tony Canham talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

Tony Canham
Name of Interviewee(s) Tony Canham
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 9th October 2008
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Recording length 29 mins 41 secs
Description of Recording Tony Canham talks to Arthur Musk about his life in Wenhaston,conscription in Korea and playing football for Wenhaston.
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Birthplace in Wenhaston
00 min 21 sec Council houses’ construction
01 min 46 sec Remembering shops in Wenhaston
03 min 08 sec Father’s work on the farms
05 min 21 sec Work after leaving school – learning brick laying trade
06 min 42 sec Being called up. Life in the army and front line in Korea.
19 min 22 sec Coming home from war and meeting his wife
20 min 15 sec Work in construction trade and family life 1950s – 1970s
27 min 41 sec Playing football for Wenhaston (also Southwold/Halesworth)