Wenhaston Archive Project

John and Winifred English talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

John and Winifred English
Name of Interviewee(s) John and Winifred English
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 6th August 2008
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Recording length 25 mins 31 secs
Description of Recording Winifred English and her son, John English, talk to Arthur Musk about some of the children in a school photograph and Winifred talks about her life in the area.
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec John names the children in Wenhaston School photo taken in 1981 Link
02 min 00 sec John talks about his work at Bernard Matthews
02 min 30 sec Winifred talks about her son Trevor English
03 min 00 sec About Winifred’s family (siblings)
03 min 30 sec School bikes
04 min 00 sec Work in pie factory Holton
04 min 30 sec About her husband Brian English and his family (siblings)
06 min 00 sec The other residents at Heath Road 48 years ago. State of Winifred’s house now.
07 min 00 sec Health
08 min 00 sec Winifred’s father and uncle worked for Freeman. Mother’s work dressmaking.
09 min 00 sec Wenhaston School days in Winifred’s childhood
10 min 00 sec Residents of White Cottage
11 min 00 sec Wenhaston Old Hall when Winifred first left school
11 min 30 sec Strawberry picking
12 min 00 sec Factory work
12 min 30 sec Music Circle in the old school
13 min 00 sec Sports day
13 min 12 sec Meeting Brian
13 min 30 sec Accident at work from soldering
14 min 30 sec The working day and week at the factory
17 min 00 sec Shops and delivery in Wenhaston
18 min 00 sec Old boys remembered: “Ginger” tramp, “Tiny Tubble”, Gordie
19 min 30 sec Father was in the Home Guard
21 min 00 sec Mrs Marshall was teacher at Bramfield school
21 min 00 sec Vicars in area