Wenhaston Archive Project

Terry Gunton talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

Terry Gunton
Name of Interviewee(s) Terry Gunton
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 30th October 2008
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Recording length 22 mins 38 secs
Description of Recording
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Arriving in Wenhaston from Laxfield 30 years previously
02 min 15 sec First impressions of Wenhaston
03 min 10 sec New building at Vale Farm
05 min 15 sec Work from leaving school including building 50 houses in area
07 min 10 sec Childhood memories and apprenticeship
09 min 30 sec Early childhood in Melton
13 min 45 sec Terry’s daughter, Holly
14 min 45 sec Changes seen in Wenhaston