Wenhaston Archive Project

Jean Spindler talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

Jean Spindler
Name of Interviewee(s) Jean Spindler
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 28th October 2008
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Recording length 19 mins 16 secs
Description of Recording
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Jean moved to Wenhaston 58 years ago today
00 min 08 sec Childhood in Wrentham and Southwold
00 min 16 sec Father bred and reared Suffolk punches
01 min 11 sec Father’s vegetable garden fed the family all year round
01 min 38 sec Affect of 1952 floods
02 min 04 sec Father in the Home Guard
02 min 35 sec Father moved from Cambridge to Suffolk
03 min 18 sec Grandfather was a blacksmith – original shop still in Henstead
04 min 24 sec Father worked from age 12 to 75 years
04 min 37 sec Entertainment when a child in Southwold: cinema and fish & chips
06 min 07 sec Meeting her future husband Colin
06 min 20 sec Colin’s years during WW2 in the navy
06 min 35 sec Colin joins the family fish sales business
08 min 13 sec Buying herring at Lowestoft fish market with her grandmother
08 min 39 sec Four Spindler brothers went into fish business
09 min 46 sec Where they lived after marriage to Colin
10 min 56 sec Peter Scott stays in the Village
11 min 44 sec Shops in the Village
13 min 10 sec Bus services in the Village
13 min 26 sec Daughters Jan and Ann Marie are born in the Village
13 min 38 sec Colin’s hobby was snooker
13 min 45 sec Jean works in a boutique and then Wenhaston Play Group
15 min 09 sec Starting up and organising Wenhaston flower club with Hazel Ward
17 min 02 sec Special birthday party in the old school room
17 min 34 sec Mothers Union
17 min 38 sec Photo: Colin age 9 in London
18 min 05 sec Photo: The shop in Arlington Road, London
18 min 09 sec Photo: The run with horse and trap
18 min 24 sec Photo: Colin standing on Wenhaston Black Heath
18 min 37 sec Photo: Colin’s sister Stella
18 min 55 sec Photo: Wenhaston station.
19 min 05 sec Photo: The old bridge and water tower