Wenhaston Archive Project

Violet Jackson talks to Arthur Musk for the Wenhaston Archive.

Violet Jackson
Name of Interviewee(s) Violet Jackson
Interviewed By: Arthur Musk
Date of Recording 18th November 2008
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Recording length 32 mins 15 secs
Description of Recording
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Introduction and arrival at Wenhaston 1962
02 min 09 sec Blythburgh school closes 1964
03 min 35 sec Staff being addressed by their first name
04 min 07 sec Remembering Kathleen Swan
04 min 50 sec Changes seen in children
05 min 33 sec Arthur Musk remembers watching the first moon landing
05 min 45 sec Mother’s background in Hopton in 1920s and 1930s
06 min 45 sec Father’s background from Cornwall to Southall, Middlesex
08 min 45 sec Living in Southall and secondary education
10 min 36 sec War years in London
11 min 15 sec First teaching jobs and gaining a Degree at Birkbeck
12 min 10 sec Pay and relative costs then and now.
12 min 57 sec Meeting her husband at a WEA class in 1952 and foreign travel.
13 min 57 sec Deciding to move to Wenhaston School.
15 min 12 sec Marriage in 1953 and interest in theatre
16 min 20 sec Talks about her son Robert and daughter Elizabeth
17 min 15 sec Talks about her two sisters and brother John
17 min 37 sec Discussing photos of school pupils in 1969, 1981
24 min 00 sec Reading to the children of former school pupils
25 min 00 sec Retirement from Headship
25 min 38 sec Shopping today
26 min 42 sec Changes in the Village (buildings)
28 min 48 sec Wenhaston Women’s Institute
29 min 25 sec Bell Ringing from the late 1970s
30 min 00 sec Book Groups in Wenhaston
31 min 36 sec Drop-in in the Village
32 min 00 sec Listening to children read today