Wenhaston Archive Project

Margaret Musk talks to Chris Lavender for the Wenhaston Archive.

Margaret Musk
Name of Interviewee(s) Margaret Musk
Interviewed By: Chris Lavender
Date of Recording 7th August 2008
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Recording length 18 mins 36 secs
Description of Recording Chris Lavender talks to Margaret Musk
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Photo: 1920 Granny Musk outside the farm
00 min 21 sec Granny Musk delivered butter and milk daily to Halesworth
01 min 49 sec About the Musk family names
02 min 12 sec Photo: 1950s Granny Musk in pony and trap with her four children
03 min 11 sec Photos including her children: Mary with chickens; Arthur thrashing aged 12 with his father.
03 min 59 sec Photo: Alan taking milk churns on the farm cart.
04 min 25 sec Photo: Mary with her father in the fields
04 min 51 sec Bills and receipts from the 1930s including: seed and animal feed; farm equipment.
06 min 13 sec Barnaby Lane later named Batholomew’s Lane
06 min 27 sec Bills and receipts from 1930s continued: milk cooling plant; H. Kett radio equipment; W. Hurran coffin and funeral expenses; E. Hurran chaff cutting oat thrashing; cow feed; Freeman’s Corn, Coal and Seed Merchants.
11 min 02 sec Photo: Alan with his muck-spreader
11 min 08 sec Copy of: Scheme for Regulation and Management of the Commons
11 min 21 sec About taking cows on the marshes to feed
11 min 34 sec Photo: Evacuees during the Second World War at the farm
12 min 27 sec Evacuees return to Wenhaston in recent times
14 min 36 sec Mr Musk in the 202s Churchill’s Secrete Army and what it was.
15 min 44 sec Photo: Wenhaston Young Farmer’s Club 1940s pig judging.
16 min 07 sec Newspaper article 1943: Autumn rally ploughing competition Mr Musk is First; flowers and produce with H. Ellis (later H. Phillips) secretary and representing Wenhaston Young Farmer’s Club won Thatching Second place. Rabbit section.
17 min 35 sec Receipt: Christmas Day Gifts for giving overseas
17 min 46 sec Wenhaston Great Tithe. 1930 money collection then called “Queen Anne’s Bounty” later just called the Tithe Collection.