Wenhaston Archive Project

Joyce Farrington talks to Bridget Cousins for the Wenhaston Archive.

Joyce Farrington
Name of Interviewee(s) Joyce Farrington
Interviewed By: Bridget Cousins
Date of Recording 26th August 2008
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Recording length 14 mins 22 secs
Description of Recording Bridget Cousins talks to Joyce Farrington who has lived in Wenhaston for many years ever since she married.
Subjects Covered
00 min 00 sec Born in Uggeshall, Suffolk
00 min 11 sec Marriage to George Farrington
00 min 25 sec Arrives in Wenhaston
01 min 27 sec Life in the cottages (next to Brian & Jane Nolloth) on The Street Link
04 min 28 sec Domestic water and the well outside the cottage Link
05 min 00 sec Move to Heath Road
05 min 36 sec Farrington family: Donny and his uncle George’s generation
07 min 24 sec George’s work after leaving the army
08 min 52 sec Being a full-time mother to Peter, Roy and David
09 min 08 sec Queen’s jubilee and painted chimney pots
09 min 44 sec Looking at a photo of Archie Farrington (George’s father) Link
10 min 03 sec Shops in Wenhaston
11 min 50 sec Gardening today
12 min 37 sec Milk delivery and making butter during the WW2
13 min 34 sec Baking today