Image ref: 1015. Width: 218.15mm Height: 164.64mm (scanned at 600dpi)

WUFC Man of the Match late 60s or early 70s

Left to Right (Standing)

??, Colin Spence, Terry Hurren, Molly Hurren (floral dress), Cilla Stammers, Trevor Moore (behind), Rev Drew (right at back), Mike Rawlings, Jean Townsend (beside Molly Hurren), Daisy Stammers, John Goddard, John Desborough (both behind Jean Townsend and Daisy), Malcom Napthine ,
Tony Canham (both behind and right of Daisy), Mrs Malcolm Napthine, Paul Townsend, Brenda Smith (white dress at front), David Woolnough (at back), Alan Stammers, Jenny Baxter (peeping round Alan), Carol Stammers, ?? at back laughing,
?? and ?? too hidden, Rita Woolnough, Roger Stammers holding Cup, Gary Tibbenham (at back), Grahame Williams, ?? at back
Malcolm Smith, Pamela Harvey, Madeleine Stannard (behind cup) ,Danny Block (behind Madeleine), ?? at back, Robert Harvey, Terry Mower, Rosalind Doy, Bruce Elder

At front left: Leila Canham, Marlene Spence

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